CryptoMixer Review 2023: Fast Anonymous Tumbler

CryptoMixer is one of the top-trusted Bitcoin mixer service. It is built from the ground up with security, simplicity, and speed. The service values its reputation and builds it upon trust — CryptoMixer generates the “Letter of Guarantee” for each transaction, signed by its public address.
CryptoMixer allows you to exchange your bitcoins for different ones that cannot be associated with the original owner. CryptoMixer does not track the source of funds. The one who has signed the transaction is considered to be a valid owner of the coins. The service operates with large reserve: up to 2000 BTC.

How to mix coins with CryptoMixer?

  1. Once you’re at the CryptoMixer website, click “start. “
  2. Type the wallet address you want to send your funds to. You can set multiple output addresses by clicking “Add Adress. “
  3. The minimum fee is 0.5% plus 0.0005 BTC for every incoming transaction but can be changed to throw off-blockchain analysis. You can set the percentage you want to send to each account by dragging the bar below the fee. And you can even use their calculator to see the final amount sent to each wallet address. Click “Calculator” and Insert the amount you’re sending.
  4. Click “Continue, “tick the two boxes, and “Accept” to agree to the terms.
  5. Download the letter of guarantee and save your CryptoMixer code. The CryptoMixer code will ensure you will never receive your coins in future mixes.
  6. Then deposit to the CryptoMixer Bitcoin address.