ChipMixer Review 2023: Bitcoin Tumbler without required fee

Like other mixing services, ChipMixer tumbles its users’ funds, then returns them to users to confuse blockchain analysts or blockchain tracking software. A trusted BTC tumbler prevents blockchain analysts from associating coins with user data when appropriately used.

Many compare mixing services like ChipMixer to banking services in countries like Panama, the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas. People move their fiat currencies daily through banks because they have stricter secrecy laws. ChipMixer works similarly.

Specifically, ChipMixer uses several bitcoin wallets containing predetermined amounts of bitcoin. ChipMixer funds these addresses before users deposit bitcoin. Then, users send money to ChipMixer, and they receive bitcoin chips as a deposit receipt.

To anonymize the service even further, ChipMixer lets users split and merge any chips they have. It adds a layer of random complexity. For an even further layer, ChipMixer allows users to bet and donate chips.

ChipMixer lets users bet chips – but it’s not a casino. Instead, users can bet a certain number of chips, then receive either nothing or double that amount. It works in a similar way to merging and splitting, but with an extra bit of fun involved.

Using these methods, your inputs and outputs won’t always match, which is why ChipMixer provides an additional layer of anonymity. Due to betting, the amount you put into ChipMixer may not always be the same as the amount you take out.

Aside from voluntary donations, there are no fees involved with ChipMixer. Donating funds the mixer itself and does not require any commissions on transactions. Donating also works like merging and splitting. It adds additional layers of complexity to the operation.

When a user withdraws funds, their chips are removed from ChipMixer’s list. Then, they receive a private key to sweep the address. Chip withdrawals cannot be viewed on the blockchain.

Ultimately, ChipMixer has chips in different sizes, including 0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC, and so on, until you reach 4.096 BTC. If you deposit 0.112 BTC, you’ll receive 0.064 + 0.032 + 0.016 BTC.

Since each chip was funded before your deposit, there’s no link between your chips and your deposit on the blockchain. Yes, your deposit is viewable, but the chips you received in exchange for your deposit cannot be traced back to you.

The reason ChipMixer uses chip sizes of 0.001 BTC, 0.004 BTC, etc., is to make them easy to split and merge if you had a chip of 1 BTC and split it, then you have minimal chips.

How to use ChipMixer?

  1. To use the ChipMixer service, click the link above and “Start Mixing.” It will take you to the deposit page, where a Bitcoin address will be shown.
  2. Send your coins to the address shown.
  3. You will receive a voucher code on the top of the page that identifies your specific mix. Once you’ve sent BTC, use the code on the right-side field to view and claim your chips. When claiming, you have several options available when claiming your chips, the most simple of which is to withdraw. You can also leave your funds in the chips, although it’s worth noting that ChipMixer also knows your private key. However, keeping the funds in the chips for a while will increase privacy, as your transaction and the withdrawal transaction will be further apart, obfuscating blockchain analysis.