Best Bitcoin Tumbler Services (Tested and Rated by Users)

Best Bitcoin tumbler

Why Use a Bitcoin Tumbler? (BTC Mixer)

There’s a common misconception that Bitcoin (BTC) is anonymous. It’s pseudonymous. If your Bitcoin addresses can be convincingly linked to your real identity, then every transaction you’ve made on the Bitcoin network will be linked to you, too. That’s because every transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain is public and permanent. Bitcoin tumblers (or bitcoin mixers) help anonymize any BTC you suspect could be linked to your identity.

How Does a BTC Tumbler work?

These services work by collecting coins from multiple parties seeking to anonymize their funds. Users will then receive an equivalent amount of clean coins (minus a small fee) from a different wallet, which should be entirely unconnected to their original wallet (and funds). It means that the mixer (if it’s trustworthy) will cut all ties between you and your BTC.


  • Adam buys some BTC on Binance. Because he had to verify his identity to create a Binance account, he’s now connected to any Bitcoin he purchases through this website.
  • If Adam uses a crypto tumbler service, he can disassociate these funds from his identity (as long as the tumbled funds are returned to a fresh, newly generated Bitcoin wallet).

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Tumbler Service

The BTC tumbler reviews service, or what’s commonly called crypto mixer, has safeguarded people from the dangers of being in the seemingly safe but hostile environment of the world wide web.

Choosing the best Bitcoin tumbling service is ultimately anchored to what specific needs you would want to get. Do you need secure access to investments or just for casual anonymity? Or is a geo-shift of your locations necessary? Whatever your preferences for a Bitcoin Mixer service are, the most important thing is that it gives you anonymity and security for your coins and wallet. So how should you choose your cryptocurrency mixer? Please read on.

  • Reputation. A service already established reputation and trust in the crypto community.
  • Anonymity. How anonymous and privacy-respecting the platform is.
  • Fee size. The amount of fee required for mixes and the users’ control, or the lack of it on the fee.
  • Unique features. Support for advanced features such as Delayed output, mixing code, etc.
  • Logs policy. If the Bitcoin mixer keeps logs, and if it does, how long.
  • Easy Interface. What’s the use of service when you don’t even understand how to navigate it. The best Bitcoin mixer services have intuitive UI’s where you don’t need to read books or scour the internet on how to do things on the app. It just naturally comes to you. Hackers and tech geniuses do not only use Bitcoin Mixer but ordinary people too. So there would always be crypto mixer services that are more user-friendly to the layman.

The Best Bitcoin Tumblers (Mixers) for 2024

Anonymix home

1. The Best Crypto Tumbler has been around since 2018 and is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use BTC tumbler. The service seems trusted and well-recommended across the crypto-community.

Anonymix claims that their mixing pool includes a reserve of over 600 BTC. Combined with previous transactions through their crypto blender, the developers claim it’s “virtually impossible to pinpoint the source and endpoint of the coins.” Bold claim.

Fees are just 0.3% + 0.0001 BTC for every transaction, although Anonymix “advises you to set a custom time delay to slow down amount-based blockchain analysis.”

Anonymix Pros:

  • Minimum transaction = 0.001 BTC.
  • Transactions less than 30 BTC are accepted after one confirmation.
  • It’s compatible with the Tor browser.
  • No identifying information (account, password, or email) is collected.
  • Incoming addresses are valid for 24 hours (data is deleted after this period).
  • Customized pay-out delay (to impede blockchain analysis).
  • When you first use, you’ll receive a code. You’ll use this in future transactions to ensure that you don’t accept coins you’ve sent to Anonymix service in previous transactions.


  • Does not support Taproot addresses.

Bitmix home

2. BitMix

BitMix is an easy-to-use crypto mixer service with a clean interface.

Like Anonymix, they claim to have a large reserve of coins in their mixing pool. Here’s how they say it works:
“A customer sends some coins, and the coins go to the end of the reserve chain. Afterward, the customer receives the same amount of coins from the beginning of the chain.”

Fees are just 0.5% plus 0.0001 BTC for each returning address that you add. According to their FAQ, you can obscure the mixing process by customizing this fee (up to 2.5%). To further disconnect your identity, you can add multiple addresses to send your tumbled BTCs back to.

BitMix Pros:

  • Minimum transaction = 0.003 BTC.
  • Transactions are accepted after they’ve received three confirmations.
    It’s compatible with the Tor network.
  • No identifying data (account, password, or email) is collected.
  • Customized pay-out delay (to impede blockchain analysis).
  • Incoming addresses are valid for 24 hours (data is deleted after this period).
    All related data is deleted after coins have been dispatched to the target address.
  • When you first use BitMix, you’ll receive a code. You’ll use this in future transactions to ensure you don’t receive the Bitcoin you sent to BitMix in previous transactions.

BitMix Cons:

  • The service address in the Tor network is often offline due to DDOS attacks.

3. YoMixer: The Anonymous Coin Mixer

  • Clearnet link:
  • Onion mirror in Tor: offline

Protect your anonymity with YoMixer, the functional BTC mixer that prioritizes user privacy. With no logs, IP addresses, or other identifying information stored, you can trust YoMixer to keep your coins completely anonymous.


  • Easy-to-use interface for a seamless experience.
    Experience fast page loading without JavaScript.
  • Customize your mixing interval for enhanced privacy.
  • Send mixed coins to up to 5 addresses, maximizing your privacy.
  • Fast transaction processing for your convenience.
  • Enjoy competitive fees ranging from 1 to 5% + 0.0003 BTC.
  • Quickly send transactions with a minimum confirmation requirement of just 1.
  • Tor browser version available for added security.


  • Does not support Taproot addresses.

Mixertumbler home

4. MixerTumbler

MixerTumbler: Mix BTC Without Registration
Mix Bitcoin without compromising your privacy with MixerTumbler. This service ensures anonymity by not recording links between visits, providing complete privacy.


  • Perfect crypto-blender for newbies.
  • Earn bonuses with the affiliate program.
    The tumbling pool is funded by the assets from trusted Exchanges.
  • Fast transaction processing due to the integration of Lightning Network.
  • Set a minimum mixing amount of 0.001 BTC in increments of 0.001.


  • Does not support Taproot addresses.

5. is a cutting-edge BTC mixer that has revolutionized cryptocurrency transactions since 2018. Powered by the renowned mixing platform Tumbler, this service ensures the privacy and cleanliness of your mixed coins by using freshly purchased coins from trusted cryptocurrency exchanges.


  • Streamlined Currency Mixing: Say goodbye to complicated mixing codes. Eeasily mix your currencies within one or multiple pools without the hassle of tracking order parameters.
  • Unprecedented Anonymity: Zero-logs policy, the impossibility of determining the use of tumbling service.
  • Tor Browser Version: the service works in Tor network.
  • By using service, users can obtain clean Bitcoins without the risks associated with cluster analysis.

Cryptomixer home

6. CryptoMixer

Experience the next generation of coin mixing with CryptoMixer. Designed to meet users’ demands and earn a stellar reputation in the crypto community.


  • Unlock anonymous Bitcoins with cutting-edge mixing algorithms.
  • Tumble large sums effortlessly with a reserve of 2000 BTC.
  • Embrace a discount system and enjoy low transaction fees.
  • Reach out to customer service 24/7 for prompt assistance.
  • Customize income distribution and time delay options.
  • Seamlessly mix on mobile devices and enjoy Tor browser support.

7. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi is a privacy-focused Bitcoin desktop wallet on Windows 10, MacOS, and Linux. It has built-in CoinJoins, allowing you to easily, quickly, and cheaply anonymize Bitcoin (BTC) by trustlessly mixing your cryptocurrency with other users.

Wasabi is the most well-recommended and popular cryptocurrency tumbler we have encountered. Of all the BTC tumblers our team has checked out, it’s undoubtedly our favorite.

Wasabi only supports Bitcoin (BTC). CoinJoin fees are approximately 0.30% if you use the default settings (the anonymity set of 100). Sometimes, you pay more than this (up to 1% of your input). It’s worth reading Wasabi’s documentation before making your first transaction.

Consider sending the same funds through CoinJoin multiple times to increase your privacy and obstruct blockchain analysis. Given that CoinJoin fees are so low doing this isn’t cost-effective.

Wasabi Wallet Pros:

  • Wasabi is privacy-focused, open-source, and well-recommended.
  • Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use bitcoin tumbler.
  • Built-in CoinJoin functionality is “trustless by design” (decentralized).
  • Wasabi traffic is transmitted over the built-in Tor connection by default.
  • Low fees (approx. 0.3%).
    You have to mix at least 0.1 BTC to use CoinJoin via Wasabi.

Wasabi Cons:

  • Unfortunately, the minimum amount of Bitcoin (BTC) required to use CoinJoins is 0.1 BTC. If you want to see how it all works before using real money, you can try CoinJoin via Wasabi on the Bitcoin TestNet.

Best Practices, and Tips to Securely Tumble Bitcoin

  1. Reduce the possibility of being connected to your cryptocurrency by purchasing it anonymously.
  2. When tumbling your cryptocurrency, observe your IP with a VPN (e.g., ExpressVPN) and Tor browser (or built-in Tor network in the Brave Browser).
  3. If you’re accessing these tumblers through Tor, verify using the correct URL.
  4. Pay a little bit extra and tumble your coins back to multiple addresses on a fresh, unused, anonymous wallet.
  5. Use the time-delay functionality.
  6. Set a custom fee (i.e., above the default rate) when possible.
  7. Most crypto blenders are run anonymously.


fee for Bitcoin mixing

Anonymix is the fast coin mixing web-app with highest reputation.

  • Min. Deposit: 0.0015 BTC
  • Max. Deposit: 286 BTC


fee for Bitcoin mixing

MixerTumbler service is the top tool for beginners.

  • Min. Deposit: 0.003 BTC
  • Max. Deposit: 372 BTC


fee for Bitcoin mixing


BitMix allows to mix Btc, Dash, and Ethereum.

  • Min. Deposit: 0.0025 BTC
  • Max. Deposit: 123 BTC